The Telegraph Mine is a “World Class” Gold Deposit

The Telegraph Mine, both in ore grade and ounces, is a “world class” ore deposit, as demonstrated by this infographic created by the Korelin Economics Report.

The infographic demonstrates the rarity of .21 ounces Au/ton deposits, like the Telegraph Mine.

For example, the average grade for producing gold mines in the world in 2012 was .04 ounces Au/ton. For undeveloped deposits, like the Telegraph Mine, the average grade was .02 ounces Au/ton.

The United States had just 5 producing gold deposits in 2012 with an average grade higher than .17 ounces Au/ton. Once developed, the Telegraph Mine will be the sixth in this rare, high-grade deposit category.

What Is the Average Grade of Producing Gold Mines? « Korelin Economics Report.

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