Benton Resources Uses Telegraph Mine To Validate Elizabeth Anne Project

Benton Resources Inc., a mineral exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol BEX, is exploring an area, known as their Elizabeth Anne Project, just north of the Telegraph Mine.

They use the proximity of the Elizabeth Anne project to the Telegraph Mine as an indicator of the the potential for ore reserves.

2947 tons of 33.3 ppm (0.97opt) Au and 66.2 ppm (1.93opt) Ag produced from a colloform banded quartz vein with bladed calcite replacement texture 2 miles from the property at the Telegraph Mine. Telegraph mineralization shows a geochem signature and wall rock alteration very similar to the Elizabeth Anne.
The targets are Telegraph style mineralization with high grade in zones hundreds of feet thick located beneath the high level alteration exposed over an area 3000 feet by 5000 feet and other mineralized zones at the Elizabeth Anne prospect.

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