David Weston, Mojave Gold President, Discusses The Telegraph Mine In Stock News Now Interview

SNNLive spoke with David Weston, President of Mojave Gold at the 2012 Metals & Minerals Investment Conference (formerly Hard Assets) in San Francisco, CA.

“We are truly an American junior mining company”, Mr. Weston begins.

Mojave Gold, “owns the Telegraph Mine that has roughly 5 million tons of reserves at an average grade at 1/2 ounce of gold. There has been extensive scientific research, drilling done on this property. Its an epithermal boiling deposit; it’ll go to a depth of 1500 feet…in addition to the Telegraph Mine, we also have the very famous Montgomery-Shoshone Mine…is located in Beatty, NV”, Mr. Weston explains.

See the full interview with David Weston on the SNNLive website

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