Telegraph Mine Drilling and Assay Summary

The Telegraph Mine is in an advanced exploration stage. The Telegraph Mine Drilling and Assay Summary provides all of the relevant history related to mining, exploration, including the drilling and assay results, for the Telegraph project. It is summarized below:

Mining from 1932 to 1948

-Results published by the US Bureau of Mines
-2749 tons of ore
-2559 ounces of recoverable gold
-.93 oz/Au/ton average
-2″ of high grade ore removed from footwall at 19 oz/Au/ton

1968 USGS Office of Mineral Exploration – Tomo Ito (Geologist)

-surface sampling (outcrops, cuts, holes), samples from underground workings, drilling
-.51 average oz/Au/ton
-OME drilling indicated good vein structure to at least 200 feet

1980-1981 Joseph Owens Sampling (Geologist)

-extensive sampling confirmed Tomo Ito results

1981 Dr. Meade Leroy Jensen

-representative sampling confirmed Tomo Ito results

1981 – 1985 Cascade Drilling and Peter Lange Thesis (Geologist)

-24, 45 degree angle holes drilled along the 950 feet of silicified vein outcrops on the Telegraph (14) and Telegraph South (10) patented claims
- Sampled and assayed at 2 ft intervals
-.49 oz/Au/ton average grade, average vein width 8′
-Peter Lange sorted samples for alteration and other studies, and used information from the samples in creating his Master’s thesis, which described the five stages of mineralization which created the Telegraph deposit
-Lange published the drilling and assay results as part of his thesis

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