Historical Summary of the Montgomery-Shoshone Mine


-Shorty Harris and Ed Cross discover the Bullfrog mine
-Montgomery-Shoshone property staked, 94,000 oz Au mined by 1911
-Railroad extends to Beatty NV – Towns of Rhyolite and Bullfrog built
-Robert Rovert acquires Montgomery-Sboshone patented claims and grants lease/purchase option to Edson Whipple in October, 1978


-St. Joe American discovers major gold deposits associated with detachment faulting
-In 1983 St. Joe American leases Montgomery Shoshone Mine from Edson Whipple (12 claims Patents 41378, 46272, 46911)
-St. Joe American purchased by Bond International Gold
-Bond International Gold acquired by Lac Minerals


-7 ,600 tpd mill constructed and Lac acquired hy Barrick Bullfrog, Inc
-Produced 2,900,000 oz of 0.1 OZ gold ton
-1998 Barrick Bullfrog transfers ownership of Montgomery Shoshone Mine to Whipple (estate) who transfers Mine to W. David Weston


-Weston grants option to lease Montgomery Shoshone Mine to Mojave Gold

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