W. David Weston


David is experienced in corporate management, acquisitions and development with an expertise in mineral exploration and mine development.

David attended the University of Washington and Brigham Young University from 1962 through 1965 studying banking and finance. From 1970 through 1973 He attended the University of Utah and studied geology, materials engineering, metallurgy – X-Ray diffraction. During this period he developed a laboratory for minerals analysis equipped with a Phillips X-Ray diffraction and fluorescence unit, which later became known as CEMCORP Laboratories.

From 1968 through 1979 David became involved in a number of mining investments. In 1968 he formed Cascade Energy and Metals Corporation and acted as its CEO. In 1969 through 1970 he conducted copper porphyry and precious metals exploration programs in the western United States for Pickands Mather & Company, of Cleveland Ohio. In 1969 he acquired the Rex Montis Mine in Inyo, California, the Alexo mine and Gawgonda silver properties in Ontario, Canada and in 1975 he acquired the Telegraph Mine, in San Bernardino, California. Also In 1968 he acquired Minerals Drilling Co., located in Ely Nevada and the Arno Diamond Drilling Company, located In Timmins, Ontario Canada. These companies engaged in extensive drilling and exploration programs for precious metals in the western United States and Ontario, Canada. He managed and conducted the exploration and development work at both the Rex Montis and Telegraph Mine as assisted by geologists Peter Lange and Joseph Owens, among others. He owns the majority interest in the famous Montgomery Shoshone Mine located near Beatty, Nevada.

David has been qualified as an expert witness in mine evaluations in the Federal District Court of Utah and the Superior Court of California.

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